The world is going through a sociological evolution, indirectly setting us on a course of human-centric innovations.

As the world around us is changing,twisting and pulling itself out of its olddried out layers from the past, self-reflection and value restructuring havebecome part of the new normal. TheCovid-19 pandemic has given us some timeto take a deep breath and have a lookaround. What have we seen? We have seenthat there is much to be done in order forthe business and personal world to moveforward into successful unknown times. Ifthere could be a magical solution thatwould help feed change into any businessculture and restructure it from the insideout, would everyone grasp on to this ideaand embrace it into their solutions team?We think yes, as DevOps experts, we havehad the solution all along just not theright environment to prove DevOps canrapidly improve business situations. Whycan DevOps do this? With Innovation asthe key figure in all methodologies andpractices.